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Custom classes for blocks

Concrete5.7 introduce Custom classe for blocks and Area. Generally its a good idea to have your theme control CSS for consistency sake, but the Design command can be handy in a pinch if you just need to add some padding to a content block or throw a background color up quickly. To know how apply classes visit this page

Page List:

simple-block  aWrap each page into a colored block like here : vedana.myconcretelab.com/page-types


white-block, primary-block, secondary-block, tertiary-block, quaternary-block: Adds internal margin as well as background color.

horizontal Rule

the Best way to manage space in a page

space-s, space-m , space-lspace-xl: Adds an area without line. This is the best way to manage space in Vedana

primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary adds a colorful thick line

topic List

sidebar-wrapped added margins for display fitted into a sidebar.


sidebar-wrapped added margins for display fitted into a sidebar.

small-text-size reduces the text size. In some places, its more elegant.


primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, white: The class change the color of the box as well as the text. Convenient to adjust the colors on different background colors.


block-primary, block-secondary, block-tertiary, block-quaternary : Display the Feature into a colored Block.

thin-primary, thin-secondary, thin-tertiary, thin-quaternary : Colore the Circle template with a color. Nice to use in a colored Area

Custom templates for blocks

Custom templates change the look and feel of a block. If you're new on this check this


Vedana Breadcrumb

Displays a Breadcrumb responsive. It can be displayed as well as anywhere perfectly adapts to the size of the container.

Vedana Header

Used for display navigation in the main navigation at the top of the site.

Vedana Responsive Full Screen

This template is only used for navigation on mobile. There is an Area "Responsive Navigation" reserved for him at the top of each page.

Vedana Vertical Boxes

Display nav into a vertical list like in Right/left Sidebar


Vedana Circle

Vedana Icon Only

Nice when you just need a Icon

Vedana Inline

To display a list of feature or to create a nice Footer


Vedana Header

Was designed to help you manage the image of the top banner with a picture block . The height of the image is used to set the header height.

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Vedana Blog

Allows you to display the buttons in the style of Anita.

Page List

Vedana Portfolio

This template is nice to use in different way : If you choose to disable name, description and date, the thumbnail will collapse to create a margin-less grid of Thumbnail

Vedana Blog

With the capabilities of displaying Creator, tags, date ,...

Based Portfolio Slideshow

Same as Portfolio but with a Huge Slideshow !

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Vedana Button

Displays the buttons in the style of Vedana

Social Links

Big Vedana

Displays large icons


Vedana Circle

Vedana Simple


Vedana Accordion

Display issues in an accordion.

Display Stack

Vedana Accordion

Display a stack as Accordion